Where is Fisherman’s Pier?


Fisherman’s Pier is located at the entrance to the Hamilton Harbour at the shipping canal. The canal marks the municipal boundary between Hamilton and Burlington. The area includes land on both sides of the canal and many notable landmarks such as the Lift Bridge, Skyway Bridge, Historic Lighthouse, Breakwater Piers, and the Canadian Centre for Inland Waters.

Beginning in 1823, the Burlington Bay Canal became the gateway for shipping into Hamilton Harbour. The Skyway Bridge was built in 1958 and the Lift Bridge was completed in 1962 to accommodate car and rail traffic over the canal. In 1982, the rail tracks were removed.

Another important feature of the site is the Historic Lighthouse and Keeper’s Cottage, which were built in 1858 and operated until it was deactivated in 1961. Aside from transportation, the area was home to commercial activities before the twinning of the QEW in 1985 removed many of the retail structures.

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